Passion for English Bulldog

We are Xavier and Bianca and live in Waarbeke (East Flanders Belgium ) we are a breeder of ENGLISH BULLDOG .
We are driven to keep the breed to the standard and we are also a Belgian Club Breeder ( )

and therefore we breed to the Charter of canine ETICALLY AND BEHAVIOR, and to the rules of KMSH ( .

Out of love for the breed we have started in 2006 with our own kennel of English Bulldog. 

It is a small family kennel in the family.

Occasionally we have a litter of selected Parents.

We strive to make exhibiting Healthy puppies to the world,a sweet character and the puppies will be cared with love.
They are socialized as early as possible and live with the other dogs in our house .

Central to the breeding for us are pure Race characteristics and health.

We try to get it the best results.
All our puppies get a FCI pedigree of St Hubert .(
More information can be found on the PUPS page.

We regularly participate on national and international Dogshows.

The English bulldog has conquered our hearts because he has such a pleasant character .
He is the ideal companion dog , brave , strong and muscular , they are affectionate ,

funny , intelligent, sociable and loving with children .

Through our website we will keep you informed , we hope you enjoy viewing and reading.

                                                                                                          Bianca & Xavier